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Explaining a document at a construction site

Kodiak HSE will help you build a professional health and safety management system designed to decrease the incidence of injury and illness, build a strong safety culture, and help make sure everyone goes home safe and sound every day.


Let us help you achieve your COR. Having your COR or SECOR will improve your business, increase worker morale, and keep your employees safe from harm while reducing WCB premiums and eliminating workplace hazards.

Safety inspection

Kodiak HSE can provide safety experts for all your field requirements. Our staff are properly trained, competent, and qualified to deliver the best services to help protect your company.

Person wearing a hard hat doing and inspection

Workplace inspections help prevent incidents, injuries and illnesses. Through a critical examination of the workplace, inspections help to identify and record hazards for corrective action. Kodiak HSE will take care of all your inspection needs.

Construction site accident

Your company experienced an incident that resulted in a worker injury or illness…Now what? As a responsible employer, you need to react quickly to the incident with a prescribed investigation procedure for finding the root causes and implementing corrective actions. Let Kodiak HSE walk you through the processes and help you manage and reduce your incidents.

Making notes at a table

AvettaISNETComplyWorksCanQual, and Contractor Check are just a few of the prequalification websites that you may have to be registered with to work for your clients. Let Kodiak HSE manage your prequalification subscriptions and save you the time so you can focus on your work and your business.

Workers' Compensation Board

When one of your employees injures themselves on the job, it can be challenging to stop everything, submit the report of injury, and manage the claim. Kodiak HSE will manage your claims and help your employees get back to work as soon as possible.

Drone flying in the daytime

Kodiak HSE offers fully certified professional pilots to help inspect your worksites, equipment and critical infrastructure. Drone inspection is a fast, affordable, and easy way to complete inspections while eliminating the risks of traditional rope and basket inspection methods.

Safety Sync

Gone are the days of the traditional dusty safety manual on a shelf. Kodiak HSE will help bring your safety program into the modern world by using the industry leading software SafetySync. We will manage the program for you to make your safety system up to date, accessible, and easy to use for you and your employees.

Health and Safety Systems

A professional health and safety management system involves the introduction of processes designed to decrease the incidence of injury and illness in the employer’s operation. Successful implementation of the system requires management commitment, effective allocations of resources, and a high level of employee participation. The scope and complexity of a health and safety management system will vary according to the size and type of workplace.

The following elements are all basic components of a health and safety management system, however, they are all interdependent:

  1. Management Leadership and Organizational Commitment
  2. Hazard Identification and Assessment
  3. Hazard Control
  4. Work Site Inspections
  5. Worker Competency and Training
  6. Incident Reporting and Investigation
  7. Emergency Response Planning
  8. Program Administration

Kodiak HSE will build the correct professional health and safety management system for you and your company.

Explaining a document at a construction site

COR/SECOR Auditing

Holding a valid COR/SECOR is quickly becoming an essential part of today’s business plans and an industry standard. A failure to hold a COR/SECOR could result in loss of business.

Kodiak HSE specializes in achieving your certificate of recognition. We will build your system to achieve your COR and help keep you, your business, and your people safe.

Gap Analysis and Company Specific Safety Audits

Audit is a systematic and independent examination to determine whether activities and related results conform to planned arrangements. Professional audits also show that these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable for the organization’s policies and objectives.

Auditing examines each stage in the health and safety management system by measuring compliance with the organization’s specific control systems, with the ultimate aim of assessing their effectiveness and their validity for the future.

Kodiak HSE will develop a health and safety audit tailored to your company and individual needs which will identify gaps and weaknesses within your system. The results of the audit will strengthen your HSE system and help reduce workplace injuries and support continuous improvement.


On Site Field Personnel

Kodiak HSE can provide safety experts for all your field requirements. Our staff are properly trained, competent, and qualified to deliver the best services to help protect your company.

  1. Audiometric testing
  2. Drug and alcohol testing
  3. Confined space monitor and rescue
  4. Fit testing
  5. On site safety auditor and hazard assessment
  6. Field EMT services
  7. Safety training
Safety inspection

Worksite Inspections

Documentation is key in a due diligence defence as well as fundamental for achieving your COR. Inspections are a key tool to ensure that you are being diligent as an employer. It is also a way to ensure that you are continually improving your safety program and finding room for improvement.

Kodiak HSE can provide the following services:

  • Shop inspections
  • Workplace inspections
  • Inspection policy development
  • Documented communication of inspection results and corrective actions
Person wearing a hard hat doing and inspection

Accident and Incident Investigation

Kodiak HSE will assist you with:

  • An incident and investigation policy
  • Communication of all incidents and near misses to workers
  • Standardized forms for near misses and incidents
  • Finalization and consulting on incident reports
  • Training on the reporting process
  • Communication of all root causes and corrective actions
  • Follow up to ensure corrective actions are implemented
  • Consulting on root causes and investigations
  • Client site representative with external investigators
  • Incident cost and claims summaries
Construction site accident


AvettaISNETComplyWorksCanQual, and Contractor Check… the odds are that you might not be familiar with these websites, but they are of more importance to your organization then you can imagine. Having well maintained and updated pre-qualification sites can be the difference between business and no business. Managing these sites can be complex and time consuming but it is necessary.

Kodiak HSE offers:

  • Management of all safety websites
  • Quarterly statistical updates
  • Annual statistical updates
  • All company specific prequalification document submission
Making notes at a table

Injury and Claim Management

Workplace injuries can be very traumatic. On top of the stress and pressure of an injury, there can be a lot of paperwork and documentation. This paperwork can be time consuming and confusing, yet it is vital to handling a claim in the best manner for both the victim and the company. How you handle your claims can have costly effects to all parties involved, for both the recovery of the employee and the financial side of the business.

Kodiak HSE offers:

  • Initial consulting on workplace injuries and reporting procedures
  • Documentation and injury report secure storage
  • Claim management
  • A comprehensive return to work plan
  • OIS liaison and assistance consulting on injury recovery
  • Initial setup of OIS program
  • Physical demands analysis
  • Modified return to work agreement
Workers' Compensation Board

Drone Inspections

Kodiak HSE is pleased to be the first safety company in Alberta to offer fully certified drone aerial inspections with specialized pilots to assist with your safety programs.

Kodiak HSE offers:

  • Aerial worksite inspections
  • Pre- and post- project aerial documentation of worksites
  • Drone services for environmental assessments and documentation of environmentally sensitive areas
  • Aerial pre-job hazard assessments

Industrial inspections of:

  • Bridges
  • Wind turbines
  • Power transmission lines
  • Cooling towers
  • Flair stacks
  • Hydro electric dams
Drone flying in the daytime

SafetySync Implementation

SafetySync is the the health and safety world’s fastest growing, most user friendly, and comprehensive safety management software available in Canada. The SafetySync health and safety management system is loaded with features that will elevate your safety program and engage your employees to create a safer workplace to help protect both you and your business.

SafetySync offers:

  • Safety training
  • Customizable safety courses
  • Document storage and submission
  • Incident tracking
  • Online SDS storage
  • Access to OHS legislation
  • Access to safety manuals, policies and procedures
  • Competency evaluations
  • Equipment management
  • And much more!

SafetySync will modernize, organize, and revolutionize your safety system. Kodiak HSE has been working to help companies implement, build, and manage their SafetySync accounts for over 5 years. SafetySync is a fundamental tool for companies looking to achieve and maintain their certificate of recognition (COR), store and organize documents, and provide workers with easy access to company documentation and safety training.

Let Kodiak HSE help you make the transition from dusty binders to an online interactive safety management system for you today.

Safety Sync
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