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Person scaling a high rise buildingPerson scaling a high rise building
Laying floor tilesLaying floor tiles
View upwards between skyscrapersView upwards between skyscrapers
Oil rigs at nightOil rigs at night
Drone flying in the eveningDrone flying in the evening

Kodiak HSE: Northern Alberta’s Safety Experts

Kodiak HSE is committed to providing quality bespoke health and safety programs and services to suit the needs of your employees, clients, and your company with one mission: to eliminate workplace injuries and make sure everyone goes home safely.

Kodiak HSE specializes in building custom made safety programs tailored around your company specific hazards and ensuring that you exceed the minimum OHS legislation. With Kodiak HSE systems we ensure that all levels of the company are involved in the program implementation, development and maintenance. We build strong safety foundations and pave the road for successful safety cultures.

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Call us today at 780-862-1986 and start building for a safer tomorrow.

Featured Services


Let us help you achieve your COR. Having your COR or SECOR will improve your business, increase worker morale, and keep your employees safe from harm while reducing WCB premiums and eliminating workplace hazards.

Drone flying in the daytime

Kodiak HSE offers fully certified professional pilots to help inspect your worksites, equipment and critical infrastructure. Drone inspection is a fast, affordable, and easy way to complete inspections while eliminating the risks of traditional rope and basket inspection methods.

Safety Sync

Gone are the days of the traditional dusty safety manual on a shelf. Kodiak HSE will help bring your safety program into the modern world by using the industry leading software SafetySync. We will manage the program for you to make your safety system up to date, accessible, and easy to use for you and your employees.

Find out more about how Kodiak HSE can help you in your workplace.

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